Course open on normal greens.please repair pitch marks replace divots & rake footprints out of bunkers. (updated 23 June at 06:08)
Meet the pros
Nathan Stephens


  • PGA Qualified AA Professional for 25 years
  • AI of the 'Golfing Machine'
  • County Coach for over 4 years
  • Coached Oxford University
  • One to one
  • Video Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Junior Lessons

With my 25 years + experience, I have managed to travel the world to see 27 of the top 50 coaches in the world.

I've gathered this information to provide knowledge to build, fix and improve anyone's ability.

Everyone is different and I work with the pupil's ability and find the best way for them to swing the golf club.

Neil Smith

Scott Bailey

  • PGA Qualified AA Professional for 20 years
  • Lead Coach for 10 years with Middlesex County Boys Team  from 8yrs - Seniors
  • GS.EB Qualification in the Golfing Machine

Specialises in:
One to one
Video Analysis
Junior Golf

I am constantly aiming to improve my knowledge in golf coaching. I have attended may Golf Coaching Seminars including European and World Summits across Europe and America

I believe every golfer should be coached with their own needs and ambitions in mind. It is my role to adapt to them, and it shouldn't be any other way.

Scott Bailey


  • Qualified as a P.G.A professional at the age of 21
  • Has coached the Zambia National Team
  • Has played on both The Sunshine and EuroPro Tours