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Course open on normal greens.please repair pitch marks replace divots & rake footprints out of bunkers. (updated 23 June at 06:08)




  • Subject where stated to handicap qualification, all snooker competitions are open to gentlemen over the age of 18 in any category of membership.


  • In a Pairs Competition, If, before a game has been played, a player loses his partner, he may select a substitute subject to the substitute not having been entered into this competition. If a substitute cannot be found, the match shall be conceded. The player cannot play in a pair’s competition on his own.


  • Anyone who has not played in a Club Meeting for 12 months is subject to a handicap review.


  • The entry fee for each Competition is £2.00 per person and is invited to Dinner on Finals Day at 18.30.


  • If you cannot be available to play on Finals Day, please inform a committee member as soon as possible


  • The ‘Play by’ and ‘Finals Day’ dates are shown on the draw sheets.


  • It is incumbent upon the first named player or team on the draw sheet to contact the opponent/s to arrange the match to be played. If the second named player or team has not responded within two weeks of closing date, a committee member should be notified.


  •  If notification has not been received and the match has not been played by the due date, the committee have the right to scratch the player responsible for the delay.


  • There is a highest break competition so please enter any higher break scored on the notice board.


  • Lastly, please advise the office or the snooker club the result of your match so it can be entered on the web site.




All rounds Singles.

            All matches shall be played as the best of three frames, no scores being carried forward.

            The Scratch Final is played over 5 frames.


All rounds Pairs

Break off will be taken on alternate frames

The opposing team does have the right to change the order of play at the start of each frame                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Partners may confirm during the game but NOT when one is the striker and is at the table.

If a Black is re-spotted, the pair that broke off make the choice of which player makes the stroke then order of play must continue as in the frame.



          The higher handicap player receives the full handicap difference at the beginning of each



          The higher combined handicap players receive the ¾ handicap difference at the beginning

of each frame.